US based startup build’s 3D-house within 24 hours

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American construction technology startup icon has developed a method for building a single-story house out of cement within 24 hours, with 3D printing.With it’s technology, the startup claimed it can produce an 800 square-foot house. The current cost of building the house is around$10,000, however the startup plans reduce to$4,000 per house.


TVS Apache RR310 Race Edition

TVS Apache RR310 Race Edition


The launch of Apache RR310 last year attracted a lot of enthusiasts towards it. The BMW G310R based fully-faired bike looks very sharp and has some cutting-edge engineering. TVS will soon offer a race-spec version of the bike, which has been caught testing after the launch of the Apache RR310 quite a few times. Automotive blog, recently did a rendering showing how the bike may look like.

The race edition bike will get extra features like bi-LED headlamps, smartphone integrated instrument console, dual front discs and more performance oriented features. The bike is also expected to get better tyres with aggressive looks.

TVS Graphite

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TVS is also planning to launch a scooter to take on the performance models like Aprilia SR150, Honda Dio and the likes. The upcoming scooter has been spied in India and it will be based on the Graphite concept scooter that was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo. The scooter is expected to get a top speed of more than 100 km/h. TVS may offer other advanced features like navigation, smartphone integration and a very detailed, comprehensive instrument console.

TVS Jupiter electric

With the government’s aim to make India and electric vehicle nation by 2030, manufacturers have started focussing on electric powered products. TVS now plans to electrify the popular scooter – Jupiter. Details like motor power and battery capacity are not available as of now but expect TVS to showcase the scooter at the Auto Expo. The production version of the scooter is expected to be launched by mid of this year.

TVS Apache 160

TVS Apache RTR 160 has been spied testing in India with a new frame and features. The entry-level Apache is quite popular among the youngsters and TVS is doing subtle changes to keep the bike fresh in the market. The engine specifications are not expected to change. However visual changes are expected with the upgrade.

TVS Apache 180

The TVS Apache 180 was once a flagship bike of the company. It is known for its affordable performance. The bike has not been spied testing yet but the bike is expected to get updates

SpaceX successfully launched a secret U.S. government payload called Zuma on Sunday

SpaceX successfully launched a secret U.S. government payload called Zuma on Sunday and landed its rocket back on Earth, in the company’s first mission of 2018.

The Zuma spacecraft was attached to one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets. It was launched into orbit from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Falcon 9 successfully landed back to base.

Landing and reusing rockets is the main aim of SpaceX scientists, who argue that it reduces the cost of launches and allows it to perform more missions.

SpaceX did not reveal the purpose of Zuma because it is classified, but the mission marked Elon Musk’s company’s first in 2018.

How does a Xerox machine work?

Pic Credit :- Google Chrome

You place the document you want to copy upside down on the glass

  1. An extremely bright light scans across the document. Much more light reflects off the white areas (where there is no ink) than off the black, inked areas.
  2. An “electrical shadow” of the page forms on the photoconductor. The photoconductor in a photocopier is a rotating conveyor belt coated with a chemical called selenium.
  3. As the belt rotates, it carries the electrical shadow around with it.
  4. An ink drum touching the belt coats it with tiny particles of powdered ink (toner).
  5. The toner has been given an electrical charge, so it sticks to the electrical shadow and makes an inked image of the original page on the belt.
  6. A sheet of paper from a hopper on the other side of the copier feeds up toward the first belt on another conveyor belt. As it moves along, the paper is given a strong electrical charge.
  7. When the paper moves near the upper belt, its strong charge attracts the charged toner particles away from the belt. The image is rapidly transferred from the belt onto the paper.
  8. The inked paper passes through two hot rollers (the fuser unit). The heat and pressure from the rollers fuse the toner particles permanently onto the paper.
  9. The final copy emerges from the side of the copier. Thanks to the fuser unit, the paper is still warm. It may still have enough static electric charge to stick to your pullover. Try it (but make sure the ink is dry first).

Bucyrus Erie 2570-W Walking Dragline “Big Kate”

Pic credit:-google chrome.

A slightly closer crop on the two cabs and the machine house. This dragline has had an interesting past. It started work in 1971 and continues to this day! It did undergo an incident where it almost slid into the pit. I don’t have the details YET, but I have heard some rumblings about the incident.

Some information about “Big Kate“: Bucket Capacity: 100 cubic yards, Boom Length: 310 feet, Boom Angle: 35 Degrees, Maximum Suspended Load: 550,000 lbs., Overall Weight: 10.4 Million lbs., Approximate Walking Speed: 0.15 mph, Digging Depth: 140 ft., Double Operators Cab

Armstrong Coal was formed in 2006 to acquire and develop coal reserves in Western Kentucky. Having acquired over 39,000 acres and 450 million tons of coal, Armstrong’s mission is to supply custom blend coals to a variety of electricity-generating utility companies.

Big Kate 134

Utilizing current technology and an experienced management staff, Armstrong produces clean coal from surface and underground mining operations. Armstrong not only has a goal to be one of the most reliable coal producers in the region, it strives to be fully committed to the health and safety of its workforce and to become an industry leader in achiaward-winningnningg compliance with reclamation and environmental standards.