Bucyrus Erie 2570-W Walking Dragline “Big Kate”

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A slightly closer crop on the two cabs and the machine house. This dragline has had an interesting past. It started work in 1971 and continues to this day! It did undergo an incident where it almost slid into the pit. I don’t have the details YET, but I have heard some rumblings about the incident.

Some information about “Big Kate“: Bucket Capacity: 100 cubic yards, Boom Length: 310 feet, Boom Angle: 35 Degrees, Maximum Suspended Load: 550,000 lbs., Overall Weight: 10.4 Million lbs., Approximate Walking Speed: 0.15 mph, Digging Depth: 140 ft., Double Operators Cab

Armstrong Coal was formed in 2006 to acquire and develop coal reserves in Western Kentucky. Having acquired over 39,000 acres and 450 million tons of coal, Armstrong’s mission is to supply custom blend coals to a variety of electricity-generating utility companies.

Big Kate 134

Utilizing current technology and an experienced management staff, Armstrong produces clean coal from surface and underground mining operations. Armstrong not only has a goal to be one of the most reliable coal producers in the region, it strives to be fully committed to the health and safety of its workforce and to become an industry leader in achiaward-winningnningg compliance with reclamation and environmental standards.


Happy new year 2018

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Why do Harley Davidson bikes use belt drives instead of chain drives?

Everytime I see a Harley zoom by, I marvel at the fusion of a beautiful cohesive design with precision engineering. One component that catches my eye every time is the belt that delivers power from engine to the rear wheel. It adds value to both the aesthetics and the mechanics.

I wanted to dig deep into the mechanics part of it. Why does Harley use a belt, while most other bikes use chain? What are the tradeoffs of doing so?